Easy Green’s paper straws, bagasse boxes, apart from the criteria that products must be environmentally friendly, food safety is on top priority, We have conducted product quality inspection at the global SGS center with FDA standards (USA), DGCCRF (France) and Standards of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, to bring products to the market to be absolutely safe.

FDA certified.

Paper straws meet FDA standards of the United States issued by SGS FDA certified


food safety standards of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

Chứng nhận ống hút giấy theo tiêu chuẩn Bộ Y Tế VN food safety standards of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health


Certificate of US FDA standard for Bagasse products.

Test report food box

FDA standard products are made from Cane Salted – Easy Green

FRANCE DGCCRF standard certificate (EU) issued by POCE: Paper straws

Certified according to DGCCRF standard (France) - Easy Green paper straws Test report – DGCCRFImage Paper straws of Easy Green Image Paper straws of Easy Green- DGCCRF

Product Paper straws of Easy Green

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