Mini Cart


Wooden knife made in Vietnam. Absolutely safe and hygienic products when used, contributing to environmental protection. Our products have been exported to EU, US …

Dimensions and packing:

  • Standard length: 10.5cm and 16cm
  • Packing 25 pieces/bag, 1000 pieces/carton
Wooden knives, spoons, spoons and forks
Wooden knives, spoons, spoons and forks


  • Wooden knife good use in hot, cold environment
    Not dissolved in water like products on the market
    Manufactured by a French automatic machine system, it ensures absolute certainty and food safety.


  • Used to eat foods, replace disposable plastic spoon
    Used many in restaurants, restaurants, hotels, takeaway restaurants, shops, picnics, parties …

Production materials:

Made from pure imported virgin wood (industrial wood, not primitive forest wood), absolutely safe for health and without PE film, completely decomposed in the natural environment, is a solution. solutions contribute to effective environmental protection.


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